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Unlimited Reassembling x Super Action Figures

Assemble Borg is not only just a new concept 'action figure.' It also has unique functions just like 'block toys!'

Four Big Concepts of Assemble Borgs!


1.Brand-new Original Product Produced by TOYTRIBE and Kaiyodo.2.Ultimate Action Poses Created with Revolver Joints3.Infinite Play Value – A Block Toy that You can Assemble Yourself4.You can Only Purchase It Here Online. Access them Now!

Concept 1Original Characters

'Revolver Joint' is a innovative catch-all joint invented by a figure creation team 'TOYTRIBE' led by Yasuhiro Nightow ('Trigun', 'Gun Grave'). Assemble Borg series were created for you to fully enjoy the options created with a Revolver Joint at it's full potential!
On the contrary to licensed deals adapted from existing properties such as animation, manga, and games, Assemble Borg is a totally original toy product just like 'Transformer' or 'Microman.'
You can freely assemble all the parts, and create your own original characters. Then you create your own story behind those characters.
Let your imagination build an infinite amount of worlds - that is what Assemble Borgs are all about.

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Concept 2Super Action Figure

Assemble Borg was created with the concept - 'Low cost and Yamaguchi Mobility.' Katsuhisa Yamaguchi – a top sculptor of action figure series 'Revoltech' at Kaiyodo – designed the fundamental body structure of Assemble Borg. The body is very simple, but it has amazing flexibility that you can make any poses you'll like. By adjusting the angles of the Revolver Joint, you can move all the limbs to any directions. You can make a cool, super-hero pose easily!

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Concept 3Innovative block toy you haven't seen before!

The most significant point of Assemble Borg is all of the limbs are connected by a Revolver Joint.
All the shafts of Revolver Joints are unified with 3mm in diameter (0.11in). There are multiple shaft holes in the body and parts, so you can connect those limbs and parts by using Revolver Joints. You can try to switch the arms, flip around the parts, and substitute the armor for arms, legs, or even backpacks!
In addition, vehicles such as Barrels Speeder were developed as block parts to assemble with Assemble Borgs. Figure out how to use each parts, visualize your imaginative world, and then create your own Assemble Borg character.


●You can switch Assemble Borg's limbs to accessories enclosed in Mr. Assemble's package, and enhance its arms and legs.


●Barrels Speeder has a unique structure that functions like a block toy. It transforms from its basic vehicle mode into small robots or even airships.


●Furthermore, combining Mr. Assemble and Barrels Speeder's parts can transform itself into an Assemble Borg armor. Use as many parts as you can and create your original character.

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Concept 4Online exclusive!

Assembleborg's characters and stories are very original and it is an exclusive action figure that you can only purchase from You cannot buy the products anywhere except through this online shop.
However, there is one retailer shop you can physically play with the Assemble Borg samples, in Tokyo. The direct retailer of Kaiyodo, "Hobby Lobby Tokyo", exhibits Assemble Borg's accessories and sample completed figures. This is the only place you can purchase in person.


Located in Kadoma, Osaka, this is one of the top Japanese figure toy makers.
Since their first product 'Garage Kits' launched in the 80's, Kaiyodo has presented their excellent ability of sculpting, and kept their reputation in all genres such as robot toys, figure, and Kaiju products. In 1990s, they started developing action figures, and 'Chocolate Egg' – a small egg shaped toy made with chocolate – became a huge hit in Japan, and started the trend of "free-gift-inside" snacks.


'TOYTRIBE' is a toy label that manga artist Yasuhiro Nightow established when he created action figures based on characters from his known manga, 'Trigun', produced by Kaiyodo. Just as the word 'Tribe' describes it all, the label is a group of toy lovers surrounding Mr. Nightow, tribal chief. It is a very rare case that the creator of 'Trigun' and 'Gun Grave' himself develops and produces his own toy line. Thus, TOYTRIBE produces very specific and creator-oriented products.

Introduction of Designers

Here are the three key creators who created the ever so striking Assemble Borg world. Manga artist, animator, and designer – those in different roles got together, devoted their spirit and experiences, and gave 100% of their energy to develop the Assemble Borg figures.

Yasuhiro Nightow
Manga Artist

His is best known for: 'Trigun', 'Trigun Maximum' (Manga series), and 'Gungrave' (original story and character design) / Leader of figure label, 'TOYTRIBE' / Original developer and creator of 'Assemble Borg'.

Yutaka Minowa

He is best-known for: 'Vampire Hunter D' (character design, animation director) / 'The Animatrix' (character design, animation director) / In charge of character designs of Jarknoid series in Assemble Borg project.

Noriyuki Jinguji
Graphic Designer

His is best-known for: 'Zegapain' (mechanical design) / 'Revoltech Yamaguchi' (package design) / In charge of mechanical, overall product and package design for Assemble Borg production.

What is Revolver Joint?
Revolver Joint

Revolver Joint is never worn-out, indestructible, smoothly adjusts with soft clicking sounds, and is a super flexible joint that can be inserted into any of the joint holes on Assemble Borg's bodies. Revolver Joint has a very simple shape - a ball with bi-directional shafts. There are three types of Revolver Joints – 10 mm, 8 mm, and 6 mm balls. Applying these joints to anywhere movable like knees, cloaks, hatches, etc., the range of movement will become wider allowing you to make a variety of action poses.

Revolver Joint

What is Reboltech?

The collective term for action figures using Revolver Joint technology. There are many known titles like 'Evangelion,' 'Yotsubato!' and 'Fist of the North Star,' and a series of visual combat books like 'Queen's Blade' became the new line-up in Revoltech series. Since Revoltech series were established in 2006, the cumulative number of sales is over 5,000,000 items! In the fourth anniversary in 2010, all Revoltech brands were innovated and renewed as NEO Revoltech!

What is Hobby Lobby Tokyo?

Hobby Lobby Tokyo is Kaiyodo's direct retail store located in the Mecca of Otaku culture, Akihabara, Tokyo, and is the only shop where you can purchase Assemble Borg items in store. Assemble Borg is a toy brand that you can only purchase through the online shopping site, but you can see and touch the actual figures at this shop. There are many sample figures that you can actually play with and try assembling.
Come visit the shop! You will be exposed to new Assemble Borg experiences that you can never get anywhere else!